Shawl, your all-over wrap

The word shawl was derived from the Sanskrit word “śāṭī “, which means a strip of cloth. A shawl is a simple strip of clothing that is wrapped around your shoulders, to cover your shoulders, body and arms. The shawl is used to keep you warm, for religious reasons, or just to brighten up your outfit. It used to be worn for religious purposes only, for ceremonies and symbolism. Today it is usually worn to keep people warm and to make a fashion statement. Shawls can come in different shapes, like a square, rectangle, triangle and sometimes oblong.


Types of shawl:

  • Cashmere
    It is a type of fiber taken from cashmere goats. It is finer and softer than the fibers from sheep. It is the most famous textile of product that comes from India, and it is known as Kashmir in their country.
  • Pashmina
    It is a type of fiber taken from the Himalayan mountain goat. It is the softest fiber, and the process of making it is done by hand. It is also known as Amlikar.
  • Do- Shalla
    It means double two- shawls. As its name suggest, it is made of two shawls, which are sewn back to back. This type of shawl is started by Emperor Akbar of India.
  • Gubba
    It is done by stitching milled blankets together, which are all dyed in plain color. What makes it special though is the intricate designs of embroidery that is used to join the blankets and is woven into it.
  • Namda
    Namda is a piece of fabric, in square, triangular, rectangular, or oblong shaped that is usually worn by women, on their head or on their neck. It is a replacement of a coat or hat, to protect people from the cold weather.

Benefits of using a shawl:

  • Using a shawl gives you extensive warmth.
    Using a shawl is a great way to warm you up. They can cover areas that are not covered by your clothes, like your head and neck. No matter what type of shawl you will choose to use, it will effectively to warm you up.
  • A shawl is lightweight.
    Shawls are usually lightweight, making them easy to use. Shawls are also easy to be kept in your bag or purse. You can wear it, without having to feel heavy on your neck or head.
  • A shawl is a stylish addition to your outfit.
    Shawls come in different shapes and color, and they can be paired just with anything. You can use them during sunny weather, or you can use them during wintry days.
  • A shawl is affordable.
    Unlike what most people think, shawls are inexpensive. They are very affordable, compared to scarves.

Two sizes of shawl:

Full size- 3 feet by 6.7 feet
Medium size- 2.3 feet by 6.5 feet

Fabric density of a shawl:

Example: 100% cashmere
100% pashmina

70% cashmere, 30% silk
70% pashmina, 30% silk


50% cashmere, 50% silk
50% pashmina, 50% silk

One- ply
One- ply shawls are made up of one elemental thread. They are the common shawls that we used today.
Two- ply
Two- ply shawls are made up of two elemental threads that are twisted together.

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